Community Groups

While each Community Group is unique to the relationships that exist within the group, we work hard to add value to the group through care, missional support and alignment, leadership training and opportunities for Community Group members to belong and grow as individuals. Community Groups are foundational to the church’s mission to make fully devoted followers of Jesus. It is our hope that a fully devoted follower of Jesus would understand the value of being in a Community Group connected to Cross+Crown as essential to their spiritual development.

Elements of a Community Group

Studying the Scriptures

Opening the Scriptures and walking in repentance together is a beautiful picture of redemption and Christian living. In order to be fluent in the Gospel we work hard to open Scripture together and share biblical truth.

The discipline of reading the Bible impacts every other discipline. Some spiritual disciplines do not impact all of the others. As an example, someone who serves may not be generous in giving. But engagement in the Word impacts every other discipline. Someone who lets the Word dwell in them simultaneously gives, serves, confesses sin, shares the gospel, etc.

Groups are not limited to only talking about the current Sermon Series, but are expected to create space and opportunity for processing, questioning and discussing the sermon as needed.

We believe we need to both hear the Gospel and apply the Gospel to our lives constantly. Taking the sermon from Sunday and discussing the practical applications within your group each week will allow the truth of Scripture to bring change in your lives. This also allows new people to join your group and know right where you left off.

With services happening at multiple locations and groups consisting of members of multiple campuses, we work hard to ensure that the sermons are consistent throughout our locations to further ensure that anyone can jump in and engage the conversation.

To support Sermon Discussion in Community Groups there are Community Group Discussion Questions on the Cross+Crown App.

Living an open, authentic and honest life with one another is a scary thing! But that is the kind of community that Jesus has called us to and saved us into.

Vulnerability is the key to unlocking the value of relationships. In order for members of a group to be vulnerable, trust must be developed and maintained. We were created for relationships, and crave to be loved, but unless we are willing to share our lives with each other we cannot experience the fullness of authentic relationships.

When a CG is done right there are not significant surprises that get dropped on the group because members are engaged in each others lives. Breakthroughs, breakdowns, successes, struggles, relationships, jobs, moves, children, and life milestones are shared, processed and prayed for in a CG.

This is the life of the church. Helping each other out, sharing each other’s burdens, caring for one another…these are the hallmarks of Christian community. Our expectation is that the group seeks to serve and meet the needs of the members of the group.

Since our Community Groups are foundational to our mission of making fully devoted followers of Jesus, each Community Group is encouraged to be actively engaged in building the Kingdom of God through relationships. So in addition to serving the members of the group, Community Groups are encouraged to be serving people in their community as well.

Each group has the freedom to decide how, when and who they will serve. To support this work, a Community Fund has been established so that Community Groups can request additional funding to support the service plans they have for their community.

Interested in become a CG Leader? Download our
Community Group Leader Handbook