Some studies show that up to 85% of conversions of saving faith in Jesus Christ occur between the ages of 4 and 14. We also know that the single most effective way to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is through Church Planting. Join us as we seek to plant churches locally and globally. Here’s how:


Church Planting in Brazil

On a recent trip to Brazil with Stadia and Compassion International, Pastor Matthias was able to see and experience first hand the impact of local church planting, along with a focus on children and families in Brazil. Here is what he witnessed: a local church raising up leadership to plant in a nearby region. That church plant occurred in conjunction with a child development center that was able to serve up to 200 families providing those children with regular meals, education and discipleship. Cross & Crown has been invited to partner with these organizations to help plant a church and build a child development center in Brazil. This effort is to pursue the vision of providing care and opportunity until every child has a church! The elders have prayed and unanimously agreed to pursue this opportunity. We have successfully raised our goal of $87,000 to fully fund this church plant and child development center.

If you would still like to give to this mission, you can do so by clicking the GIVE button below.

Planting a Local Church Service

In addition to reaching more for the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world we have an overwhelming desire to see more people know, believe, trust and follow Jesus here in our area. This stems from a vision to see the Seattle area saturated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a conviction that as a church we are called to own the lostness of our geography. One strategic effort to make a significant impact toward this goal is to plant a service. We believe that there is an opportunity to reach many women, men and families in our region. Many of you likely drive to the U-District each week, and we are grateful for your commitment. However, that commitment is unlikely for non-believers that you interact with on a daily or weekly basis. Providing you with a local service significantly lowers the barriers for those interested in attending church with you. Above and beyond giving this year-end would serve as a catalytic push, a financial jump-start, to pursue local opportunities. Will you join us? Prayerfully consider your investment and involvement in the vision to see Seattle saturated with the Gospel.


How to Give

You can give either by clicking HERE to give through Pushpay, going through the Cross & Crown Church app or by giving in service.

Thank you for your continued generosity!

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