Community Groups

At Cross & Crown Church, we believe that the church goes beyond a Sunday service; the church is God's people existing in community together, doing life with one another. Because of this, we meet all throughout the week, all over the city, in Community Groups. CGs are a place where we do life together by caring for each other's needs, growing in our relationship with God and sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the people God has placed in our lives. 

 We have over 20 CGs meeting all throughout the city, most nights of the week. In our groups, we study God's word by working through questions that are based on Sunday's sermon. After the questions and discussion, we have a time where we share what is happening in our lives and pray for each other. Depending on the group, dinner, snacks or dessert may be provided.  

If you're not a part of a Community Group yet, but want to get connected, we would love to help you find a group that best fits your needs!